The Trek

Can we really do it?

When I was young I dreamt of climbing Everest. However as the years passed this ambition was lost as a fantasy of childhood. Until one day 23 years later Lindsey and I decide to visit Nepal. All of a sudden I was going to be in the same country as the mountain that colored my young dreams. For weeks our conversations went;

‘No way we can make it to base camp’…’well maybe we can’…’ were going to be there already’… ‘how can we not try?’… ‘can you imagine if we actually made it’…’f*ck it, lets try, its base camp! Everest base camp!’

We were off hearts set on seeing if we could hack it as much as they were on actually seeing  Everest.  Thus the planing began. First stop pick a rout. Most people who embark on treks in the Everest Khumbu region fly to Lukla to start their trek. We opted to start in Jiri and walk an additional 6 days to Lukla. I would recommend this part of the trek to anyone thinking of coming to Nepal. We all agreed this was our favorite section.

Map not to scale but it shows the frist leg of the trip.

Map not to scale but it shows the frist leg of the trip.

We chose this rout because it had only been open for one year, the allure of exploring the road less traveled excited our traveler spirit.

This section of Nepal had been controlled by Moaist guerrillas. Violence and hostage situations made westerners shy away from the jungles of Jiri. The Maoist gained control of several areas in rural nepal waging what is now know as the ‘Nepalese peoples war’ in opposition to the monarchy which governed Nepal. After the fall of the Monarchy and a labored peace process, the Maoists are now an elected part of the government. Leaving only traces of their past presence behind.


Great Martyar, represent the maoists were ready to die for their cause.

The trail is now safe and quiet and beautiful. Since very few people start from Jiri, we had the whole trail to ourselves (along with our one Canadian friend Laura). This part of the trail is mainly used by the locals so we got a much more intimate experience with Nepali mountain culture.

Climbing though the different layers of the Hymalayas took us though, jungles, cloud forests, rhododendron forests, tree line, mountain vallies to the glacial foot of everest.

This is a map is clearer to read and contains the towns and villages we slept in


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