Writing on the walls

We hit the main road bound for Namchee Bazar



The lower trail was so peaceful and mystical that it was a huge shock when we made it to the main trail at Lukla where we were bombarded with Westerners. It was a huge self-confidence boost when we reached the large hill leading up to Namche Bazar and were able to run effortlessly by all of the  “new arrivals” who were struggling with the hike. We realized how strong we had become from our 6 days of serious hill climbing.
Namchee Bazar

Namche Bazar

Namche, the mid mountain hub, and largest city of the trek was crazy. It was a mini Kathmandu filled with Northface and Mountain Hardwear shops, German bakery’s and an IIly’s coffee shops.. We left quickly and got our first view of Everest. Breathing laboriously we got a reality check on our elevation (ove 13,000 feet). We had to slow down and take many more rests up the hills, we would walk ten feet then stop to get our heart rate back under control.

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