Tibetan Christmas

In Dharamsala I saw the Dali Lama. As a child he was known as Kundun to his friend and family a word which simply means the pressance. I can not think of a better way to describe the experience. though he is just a man to many the Tibetans who surrounded us he is a living Buddha. He walked out through the crowd of gathered devotees. I Shivered from head to toe when I first saw him. He has a smile that could fill a country with hope. He sat and gave several teaching on how we sencient beings must strive above all other thing to reach enlightenment to help one another.

Butter lamps

Christmas in tibet. Despite the countries many christians christmas is not an indian holida


dharam sala has an wary feeling of a refugee city. since china stole their country india has given the tibetans dharam sala. the streets are peppered with monks and nuns in deep red robes walking the streets. temples and stupas are every where but they are new, creating a disconnect form the ancient religion they house. their is a profound longing of a displaced people in the air that is never betrayed by the smiling wide faces that surround us. evidence of chinas treachery is every where. posters of missing lammas and victims of imolations are every where. hundreds of face shine down at you the most positive read still missing while the most sobering read self immolated in protest. these peaceful people victims of violence and oppression. I feel more longing for home here knowing that these people no longer have their home. What would if feel like if america no longer existed if my traditions and the dirt i grew up playing in was no longer free. How would this effect my identity. I am american land of the free home of the brave. I am tibetan i am displaced.

Here was the first time i laid eyes on the dali lama. in a temple built recently with large open assembly halls looking out over the valley. the dali lama temple as it is known is build for crowds as the tibettans and many buddhist indians crowd feverishly around this widened old man when every they are lucky enough to hear him speak.


standing shoulder to shoulder in a the crowded hall a wave of energy enveloped us palpable excitement nearing on histeria then it broke and a calm silence covered the crowd as his holiness the 13 dali lama escorted by younger monks walked into our midst. to these people he is a living god and ever since this frist sighting i understand their devotion.

when i first saw him it brought tears to my eyes sent shivers down my spine and covered my in goose flesh. here yards away from me stood the most powerful ambasibor of peace in the world. grinning lick a child, innocent and pure, I have no doubt that not only is he my highest idol he is not like the rest of us. here is a spirit who has spent 13 lives studying and meditating on peace. just being near him the constitutions of the air seems to change and hope and faith in humanity sparks up in every one present.



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