Christmas Morning


on christmass night ihad an experience that shook me where jesus or my mother or my fair god mother some one was watching out for me this night. Western holidays are understood by indian boys as days when white women drink and can be taken advantage of. one cchirstmass night clubs have promotions and the generally state of inibrations amoung the indian boys seemed to be on an all time high. being cavalier in my own way I set off for our hotel before my friends. I was hoping to get a phone call in to my family on the quiet walk home. however i soon found my self alone on a dark street hairs on the back of my neck on end. I have learned long ago to listen to these signs and immediately my guard was up. as i was walking i notice a white car behind me going slow. it pulled along side and a boy leaned out clearly drunk and fuels by his friends in the car. he told me they were going to a club and i should get in the car and go with them. of course i said no and they drove past slowly and i could tell it would not be the last i saw of them. my fear palpable i rounded the dark corner to see the car stopped a ways ahead in the shadows. as my heart began to pound i looked down to find myself surrounded by about 10 dogs. street dogs of all shapes and sizes smiled up at me. these hodge lodge steet packs can be dangerous in many places but loving dogs as i do i could tell they meant me no harm. i found my self suddenly safer with my furry entourage. one of the boy from the car got out and started walking my way but a little black nut laid his ears back and groweled something serious in his direction. with this fuzzy guard i moved down the street to a bar paling with a steet light and westerners in the window. I waited here wight eh dogs for my friends and will never forget the chirstmass merical of my dog entourage.

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