Where Festival Performers Winter

Goakarna located an four hours south of Goa in Karnataka offered a much needed vacation from India in India.

The white sand beaches of Gokarna is where festival performers from in the winter time. With non of the trance party madness of Goa, Gokarna is the epitome of Shanti Shanti. Every night there are bonfires with every type of music.

Fire Poi, contact balls and traveling circuses wonder though putting on performances or simply practicing for the joy of their craft and pleasure of viewers.

After our mad dash from Gaya (through Varanasi, Mumbai to Goa then finally Gokarna), Isil and I arrived in Gokarna an unmarked patch of grass on the side of the rail way at 3:45 am. Knowing nothing but the name of the hotel where our friends were staying we hopped in a cab and asked him to take up to Green Lands Guest House. The cab Driver took us to Gokarna beach and told us we had to walk to the hotel. He pointed to the right and said its the third hotel to the right and we had to walk on the beach to get there. We walked passed one then two hotels and soon realized there was nothing passed that. tiered but stunned at the warm weather and the beautiful white beach we dropped our bags spread out a sheet and slept right there on the beach under a ceiling of stars. It is a testimate to our faith in India that both of us  slept like babies with all of our valuables scattered around us unafraid of any harm.

Here I go out to sea again
The sunshine fills my hair
And dreams hang in the air

No need to run or hide
No need to laugh and cry
It’s a wonderful wonderful life.

Wonderful Life
Jono McCleery

Gokarna provided the peace we needed after the Kalachakra, however it also served as the meeting place for the my next wonderful travel companions. In the spirit of the road friends groups change. This is the best and worst part of traveling. Constant excitement at the new people you meet and their stories however this is coupled with to many goodbyes.

-Love you Isil your constant excitement opened my eyes to innumerable wonders.
-Lidia I’ll find you whereever they’re are balloon animals and children laughing at them.
-John and Nikolaj… stay Shanti

Moreia arrived to Gokarna bring with her a touch of reality and excitedment to dance into the magic of India. Nothing make you fell more loved than when your best friend since you were two quits her job and flies to the other side of the globe to find you.

With her arrival came the memories of seeing India with fresh eyes. When traveling for multiple months it is easy to accept things such as cow traffic jams and camels as common place… for an American they are not.



Yana a great black Meteor supposed to be one of the largest meteor in the world it is virtually untouched other than by pigrams comming to pay homage to the Shiva temple in its center.Standing five stories tall two giant black rocks invoking thoughts of Darth Vader or some other worldly existence rise imposingly out of the jungle.Honey comb resembling tree ear mushrooms protrude out from the black side of the rock. Giving a sweet sent to the air adding to the strangeness of the place.Our trip to Yana represneted to both Moreia and I that you should alawys say yes to new experieices. Yana was where we first got to know wonderful new people who we ended up traveling with for the next 2 months. Thanks Ryo for taking us here.Image found at

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