Happy Hippy Hampi

Happy Hippy Hampi. Hampi is a land of boulders and water. Hampi is one the three shanti backpacker obsessions. It ranks in the trifecta of Rishikesh, Pushkar and Hampi. Beautiful and filled with like minded people Hampi feels unmolested by modern times.

Hampi is as easrth red and vivid green. It is home to ruins dating into early humanity. It is comprized of boulders and thousands of them. It is as if the gods dumped a bag of red marbles onto this unique spot on earth.

Hanuman is the god of in the Hindue religion. He is also a silly god who is always happy and making jokes.

The Hanuman temple is a good twenty minute hike straight up. located on the top of one of the boulder piles that form hills in this reagon. Looking out over the mountains and vallies I was reminded of the red stones of Utah from home and the green vallies of Colorado in the summer time. What makes Hampi’s land scape so unique is the boulders. As far as you can see their are boulders piled on boulders. These mounds of differnt shaped stones fit together small and large to form huge mountains and small hills.

It is easy to understand why this land hold religious significance as it is hard to imagine landscape this strange occuring with out divine intervention.

Due to an unfortunate bout of health problems Moreia and I found ourselve alone for the first time since she arrived in India. we took advantage and took off the see the ancient ruins that Hampi is famous for.

Every city in india has its favority god. In Hinduism the need for Bacti or a personal god helps explair why their are billions of different deities serving differnt spiritiual needs. While Rishikesh is Shiva territory and Pushkar is the land of Vishnue, Hampi is the land of hanuman, the monkey god.

It is the sight of the Varana, the monkey kingdom from the Ramayana (holy Hindu book like their bible.) Thus Hampi is the sight of many ancient elaborate ancient ruins.

I am happy here

I am happy here

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