The great India gate stands as a monument to British influence in India. Larger than life it stands as a symbol to boat aproaching that they ar entering the great Subcontinent…India.
Jamie, Moreia and I made it back to bombay only to find Bollywood and bed bugs… yes they are just as bad as they sound.

Bollywood is often scorned by the west as being cheesy with its prolonged eye contact and seemingly spontaneous massive coordinated dance routines. I personally blame Bollywood for Indian people being hopelessly romantic. However, perhaps it is time that Holly wood wakes up and gives credit to the positive uplifting world of Love and color created in Indian film studios.

We were recruited into a Bollywood movie the moment we arrived in Bombay. I walked in the door of the Hotel and just after we secured a room the phone rang at the front desk. The hotel picked up and said “the phones is for you.” Baffled and wondering who could possibly know I was in Bombay let alone the number of the hotel we had arrived at 5 minutes ago. Me “Hello?” Other end of the phone “Hi I was wondering if you would like to participate in a Bollywood movie… It’s a really cool movie staring Johnny Aberham the Brad Pit of India…We need westerners to cheer in the back ground for a cage fight scene…oh and we will provide transportation, food and pay you 500 rupees for one day of work.” While 500 rupees each barely covered our hotel room for one night we said yes. I mean really the chance to see the Brad Pit of India who could pass that up.

In the end it was the most disorganized movie set in history with 4 different director all with their own loud speakers and running in a million different directions. We sat, clapped and cheered on cue but despite long stretches of boredom it was a hilarious experience. Bollywood stare is definitely going on my resume.
Pictures below taken by Moreia Buckley

John Abraham

Despite what he looks like and all the tabloids he was a very nice individual for the five second we got to talk to him

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