Udaipur where every restaurant is playing Octopussy a bond film you have to be British to truly appreciate. The bond movie was shot in the Floating palace in the middle of the lake in the city. While I was unable to follow the plot I think it had to do with 8 eight spandex clad women living in the center of a beautiful Indian city.

Udaipur feels like a town of Italian villa with a moorish eastern curve that reminds you that you are still in India. The town is decorated in wall paintings with the flat two dimensional styling typical of Rajasthan. At fist glace Udaipur is a wealthy city where

Rajastani Wall Paintings

Stunningly colorful paintings cover the walls of this city like ancient gratify. Jamie and I got a crash course in the techniques of this style of art. The vivid colors are derived from local minerals and stones and turned to pain with by adding the powder to natural glue (containing amount other thing honey and egg.) My favorite part of this lesson was that the brushes used are made from squirrel tail. Apparently it is provides the finest tip for small detailed work.


I can officially check Indian wedding off of my bucket list. Moreia and Ryo befriend a business man in Udiapur who invited us to his nieces wedding later that night. The wedding was huge with a 1,500 person guest list, fire work and the groom arriving via horse back. In India women where bright fuchsia along with massive amounts of glass bangles that jingle all around you.
As is traditional this was an arranged marriage. The Bride and groom had never even seen each other before this night. While the celebration and joy of the occasion
surrounded us it was impossible for me to imagine thenerves the young couple must have been feeling.

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