Holi- the festival of color

Holi is the Indian festival of color. It last for a week. People all over India buy bags of tika, the colored powder used to make red bindi on one’s forehead, and throw them at one another. For a week you can expect pelted with colored sand (and some die)


For almost a week before big day roving gangs of pink and purple people started to show up on the roads of Rajasthan. Children come home from school tinted green or orange. This innocent holiday has become an opportunity for Indian boys to grope western girls. Blaming it on the heat of the moment you hear horror stories of inappropriate and disrespectful behavior from nearly every western girl. Indian must boys grow up becuase this is not ok and only hurts your reputation.

Hearing this we avoided the heart of the mayhem preferring to have our own Holi with the children on the roads outside the city.  When we did enter the main square of Pushkar the crowd’s had dwindled but everything from the people to the pavement to the cows were died different shades of muddy purple. It is a beautiful thing when a country dedicates a full week to the celebration of color.

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