Caged in Mandelay

Caged in Mandalay. Restrictions on tourists makes me feel rebellious. What are we not allowed to see?

Bored we decided to drive 6 hours north into the mountains towards China to a surreal animal preserve. Built as a playground for wealthy military families the park housed some of the most diverse animals I have ever seen. The dichotomy between, poverty of Mandalay and the parks these perfectly manicured lawns made me feel like I had stepped into the land of Dr. Seuss. A fantasy world built by the rich so they might ignore the poor.

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”
― Dr. Seuss


This fantasy world was inhabited by the families of Chinese industrialist operating in Burma. Expensive prefab western mansions surrounded the park.

I admit I am biased in my views here, but there exists a morally bankrupt aspect of communist capitalism which scares me. The Chinese entrepreneurs here are banned from conducting business most western countries. Businessmen who are individuals who inspire personal sanctions, who’s wealth is covered in blood and environmental genocide.  Governed by nothing but the blind pursuit of money they have found a home in Burma.

These are the only photos I could sneak of an immense pipeline is being built across Burma. Driving passed its construction of this pipe was the only time I saw our guides cheery demeanor flicker. Defeated he said “the big one is for water the small one for gas.” The river which is the lifeline of Burma is being rerouted to China.

The Junta have seen the writing on the walls and sold their country to the highest bidder while the world is still blinded by sanctions.  China has stolen Burma’s greatest resources, teak, diamonds and sapphires. They have taken advantage of the slave labor provided by political prisoners.

China being Burma only political ally for the last fifty years has cultivated this dependent market. All of the packaged food, all of the toys, all of the cars, everything that is not native to Burma is imported from China. No quality enforcement exists and lead poisoning is rampant. We haven’t been allowed eat anything from China.


This is what I have seen and witnessed but it is well documented by reputable sources. Click photo for more information.

These are true crimes against humanity and nature to learn more look for it.

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