Hidden golden wonder


Burma is a land of magic and gold. Magic infuses everything in this culture. Literally magic unquestioned belief in the unprovable. I have life long affliction of curiosity, but here my questions of ‘why or how’ people respond ‘it is magic’ as if this is a totally valid answere. Magic is real in Burma like gravity is real in the west. Who am I to question this genuine belief.

Compared with the other mysteries I’ve encountered in Asia the purity and factuality of the Burmese faith in magic is whimsical and enticing in its purity. The stark difference between my home and Burma became clear when a forty five year old business man told me that a 4 story solid gold buddha, ended up inside this temples in the middle of the a dessert in the 18th century magically. I should also note that it is protected by a dragon…

I have come to love and believe in Burmese magic, why not why not magic? However, it is magic has a darkside. Magic keeps hope alive. Burmese culture has evolved in isolation imposed by the repressive military government. Cut off from influence of other Buddhist cultures and no access to the western world for the last 50 years.

It is as though someone placed a cup over the country, society and religion kept evolving but in a distinct way. Imagine no computers, no email, no scientific breakthroughs, no fashion trends, no popular modern references, no coca cola. Debatable losses for sure. Despite this isolation Burma is one of the most equal place I have been outside of the west. Men and woman hold the same positions in society. A respectful reciprocity I appreciate after so long in India.

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