Temples of Bagan

IMG_4170IMAG1937Bagan will be  Ankor Wat in five years, but, today  it is uncharted. Lost in anonymity  undiscovered by tourism. Having spent much of the last year in Indian and more recently Thailand with its full moon parties, Bagan feel like it is a world away.

This is Burma’s treasure. What Burma will be known for once the world find it. Bagan is a desert city pimpled with Stupas and Temples.

Each building was build by a different family. Each is full of gold and opulently decorated. This wealth is a far cry from the society which exists here today.


Stupa is a large normally breast shaped edifice built to house relics. Temples are houses of worship that can be entered on four side which hold idols of worship. Sexual symbolism pervades and infuses the buddhist religion thus a breast referance doesn’t seem inappropriate, I do not mean to offend.  IMG_4166

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