I have wandered globe collecting experiences.

In a time when in depth journalism is being redefined, I have created this log to capture my memories, musings and a photo or two. Curiosity drives me to travel. I have witnessed amazing joy and devastating wrongs. I seen atrocities and been on the front lines of peace. This is my attempt to share what I have been blessed to see in the hope others will find it inspiring and share their wanderings.


Who am I:

I am a political junky and an aspiring artist wrestling with capturing and interpreting  my surroundings.   I am fascinated by the connection between rhythm and art. Rhythm manifests across different mediums,  the strum of a guitar, the speed of a pen on paper, a moment caught by a lens  on a bustling street.  Rhythm imbues life to an artist’s inspiration.

I am a world traveler fascinated by the variety and similarity that crosses cultures and continents. I bought a one way ticket from my home of San Francisco to New Delhi India. As my experiences grow so will the blog. Please excuse the hiccups of publishing, my editor is on the other side of the world .

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